Split String VB.NET Examples

How to Split String in VB.NET? There are different ways to call Split function in VB.NET. Below solutions guide you VB.NET Split string/sentence with examples.

Solution 1:

Simple Split Example. Below example uses Split on String.
' Input string
Dim str As String = "This is a test string"

' Split string based on spaces
Dim words As String() = str.Split(New Char() {" "c})

' Use For Each loop over words and display them. See the result below in Output.
Dim word As String
For Each word In words

Solution 2:
Split Parts of a file path in VB.NET. Below example that splits file path.
' file system path we need to split
Dim str As String = "C:\Users\TestUser\Documents\Doc"

' Split the string on the backslash character (\)
Dim parts As String() = str.Split(New Char() {"\"c})

' Loop through result strings with For Each.
Dim part As String
For Each part In parts

Solution 3:
Split string or sentence base on words in VB.NET
There are cases where you need to extract the words from a string/sentence in VB.NET. Below solution can handle non-word characters differently than the String Split method. For the same we need to use Regex.Split to parse the words in a string.

Add below line on top of your page.
Imports System.Text.RegularExpressions

Below code will splits words in VB.NET
Dim str As String
Dim arr As String() = SplitWordsInString("Oh! this is a simple task.")

For Each str In arr

Private Function SplitWordsInString (ByVal str As String) As String()   
          Return Regex.Split(str, "\W+")
End Function

ASP.NET Webservices - "The test form is only available for requests from the local machine."

Many times users get an error as "The test form is only available for requests from the local machine." when they try to invoke web service from remote machine.

To enable the Service to be invoked from remote machine, we need to add the following settings to the Web.Config file of the Web Service Application.

<add name="HttpGet"/>
<add name="HttpPost"/>
This would enable the Web service to be able to be invoked from remote machine. However, this invoking would work only for simple data types and would not work in the case of complex datatypes.